PH: Regional anti-fireworks campaign targets children

PH: Regional anti-fireworks campaign targets children

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The regional office of the Department of Health has officially launched its anti-firework campaign specifically designed to discourage children from using fireworks as children aged 15 and below comprised 40 percent of last year’s total number of firework-related injuries.
14 Dec 2016 - General
Priscilla Mae Gobuyan In Manila, the number of fire-cracker related injuries has decreased substantially because of the strict implementation of firecracker bans. I hope that the same thing happens to your region because unfortunately some of these injuries can cause a lifetime disability. Chih Chiang Nieh Its really customar...
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If I am not mistaken in regions in Malaysia like Kuantan, fireworks and sky lanterns are legalised and individuals would play with them especially during Chinese New Year. As children, a firework injury would not faze them and they would continue playing without further treatment. Hopefully this ban would help to prevent more dire injuries during festive seasons. Some may say that there is a loss of festivity due to the lack of firecrackers but perhaps the electronic ones may serve as a better a...
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This is the region where I live in! Good move for the local government to initiate this movement. Christmas and New year is fastly approaching. In line with this celebrations, cheap firecrackers has been made easily accessible to everyone most especially children. I was once a child and know that anyone can buy these along the streets without any supervision at all. But not now, they have been very strict in selling these fireworks. Maybe we can settle making some noise during new year rather t...
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