Discussion of Compulsory Education for Special Needs Children in Singapore

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14 Dec 2016 - General

A panel of 17 members has been set up in Singapore to discuss the implementation of compulsory education for special needs children. The Education Minister announced last month that students aged 6-15 with special needs would have to attend school from 2019. A few issues to consider would be that some families are unable to afford the higher school fees pinned to special needs education. Someone told me before that single parents with special needs children have a difficullt time paying for their school fees. Compared to autonomous schools with school fees of approximately 20 dollars per month, the school fees for such schools are said to reach about 300 dollars, proving ot be costly for some families. Also, for spectrum disorders like autism, how should schools be established to cater to children from different regions in the spectrum? Feel free to discuss any ideas you may have about this issue.