5 abnormal cases of retained foreign bodies in patients

5 abnormal cases of retained foreign bodies in patients

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Surgeries involve a wide variety of supplies, tools, and instruments in the operating room. Of which, some may be used near the patient’s body and can fall inside or be left inside by mistake.
14 Dec 2016 - General
I have to say that these examples are really cases of gross negligence. One cannot reason out that doctors are humans too and they get tired because whole surgical team and OR nurses are present during surgery. Everyone should be meticulous enough to make sure that no instruments or foreign bodies are accidentally left in a patient's body. This would be too traumatic for a patient to undergo a second surgery just to remove a foreign object, especially for the case where a sponge was mistaken...
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Priscilla Mae Gobuyan It is very unprofessional to let this happen during surgery, inhaling a poisonous chemicals will result in death what about leaving strange tools inside someone's body.
It will for sure lead to major harm and will lead to complicated health problems.
More attention should be payed to prevent such an accident even if they charge someone to be responsible for handling and receiving...
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Leaving of surgical utilities inside body is dangerous for body and is not very common but should be cautious while doing operation. I heared that sponges, forceps frequently left inside body which told by my grandfather as it was being to happen in their days. Out of all listed things I am afraid of man with blade in skull. It is suggested to count surgical items before and during surgery to avoid leaving inside. It is shared responsibility of surgeons, assistant surgeons and other co-fellows w...
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