Steroid abuse rising as an epidemic among bodybuilders

Steroid abuse rising as an epidemic among bodybuilders

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Bodybuilders are succumbing to tricking their doctors into prescribing steroids by presenting with made up symptoms and imaginary problems with their sex life.
15 Dec 2016 - General
In the city of Liverpool, United Kingdom, there are more beauty parlours and gyms than anywhere else in the world. Steroids are used in abundance in many of their gyms, so that bodybuilders may gain the extra advantage in bodybuilding paegants. The belief is that if someone else is using steroids, one should use it as well. These individuals are highly unaware of the adverse effects these steroids may have on their health. Here is the documentary by Vice for your interest.
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It is quite tricky on how to differentiate people from telling the truth and lies. Look what happen to those persons who uses this trick just to have a steriod. It is hilarious that people in that forum shared information on how to have a prescription of steriods. Bigorexia or Muscle Dysmorphic Disorder is a psychiatric condition often encountered by aspiring body builders. They portray a distorted self-image, never being satisfied with their current muscle mass, extreme workout methods and supp...
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