Malaysia to introduce "bundling system" in hospitals to keep healthcare costs down

Malaysia to introduce "bundling system" in hospitals to keep healthcare costs down

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In January 2017, new guidelines recommending appropriate tests and investigations for the "Top 10" causes of patients being admitted into public hospitals will be implemented.
15 Dec 2016 - General
Mahmoud AbdelAziz asking for many tests and unnecessary examination steps just show unprofessional the doctors are and the same go on more prescriptions.
Supervising healthcare sectors even the private one will actually enhance how work implemented and will cut the cost on patients and government.
It is a very clever step to be taken add to that provide doctors with courses which include tips for how to k...
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This is a good step by Malaysia. Bundled system have the power to moderate healthcare costs for patients. Since there is one set cost for a procedure, the pricing is transparent, can easily be known ahead of time, and typically will end up costing less, giving patients peace of mind and allowing them to budget properly. This discourage unnecessary medical services. Overall, patients enjoy a decreased financial risk, better cost predictability, lower out-of-pocket expenses, and more simplified pa...
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Trying to find a solution to the deficit in the health budget in Malaysia, the Malaysian government is planning to introduce a bundling system. This means that a health care provider receives a fixed, lump-sum payment to be divided at its discretion among the facilities and providers involved with a discrete episode of care for a given patient. Bundled payments have resurfaced in the current era of health care reform as many argue that it can curtail health care costs while simultaneously impro...
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