Malaysia to introduce "bundling system" in hospitals to keep healthcare costs down

Malaysia to introduce "bundling system" in hospitals to keep healthcare costs down

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In January 2017, new guidelines recommending appropriate tests and investigations for the "Top 10" causes of patients being admitted into public hospitals will be implemented.
15 Dec 2016 - General
I agree that bundling will save costs and not affect patient management in first world countries. However, this does not apply in third world countries. When we admit patients for a certain condition, it is also the first time that diabetes, dyslipid...
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Mahmoud AbdelAziz asking for many tests and unnecessary examination steps just show unprofessional the doctors are and the same go on more prescriptions.
Supervising healthcare sectors ...
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It's a good news that Malaysia is implementing so many reforms in healthcare sector. It has remained quite a topic of discussion in the community in the past posts. This new system that is being introduced in Malaysia called the bundling system w...
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This is a good step by Malaysia. Bundled system have the power to moderate healthcare costs for patients. Since there is one set cost for a procedure, the pricing is transparent, can easily be known ahead of time, and typically will end up costing le...
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Trying to find a solution to the deficit in the health budget in Malaysia, the Malaysian government is planning to introduce a bundling system. This means that a health care provider receives a fixed, lump-sum payment to be divided at its discretion...
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