Stress relief vs professional image for healthcare workers

Stress relief vs professional image for healthcare workers

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As the faces of their workplaces, is it right for healthcare workers to turn to unhealthy habits for stress relief?
15 Dec 2016 - General
Indeed, finding a suitable method to destress is very important. Smoking and binge eating should be avoided at all costs even if one is not a health care professional. It may seem hypocritical if a patient were to realise that their attending physician smokes but yet advises them to quit smoking. Especially with smoking, one may get addicted extremely easily and it is a downhill spiral subsequent to addiction. Finding a hobby that one enjoys, be it gymming or cooking, or even binge watching dram...
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It is important to address a correct answer to the question of best ways to relieve stress. I do believe that healthcare professionals have a responsibility towards the society as role models. For instance, some people would go smoke a cigarette or eat a very high calories diet to relieve their stress while others may go have a brief walk and wash their faces. healthcare professionals have to be extra careful about of their behaviour in front of their patients as every move is watched and have f...
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