Women denied abortions face higher risk for mental health problems

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15 Dec 2016 - General

Abortion is banned by religions by Roman Catholicism, which beliefs that abortion is depriving the chance for life. In Asian countries especially, having a child out of wedlock or teenage pregnancy may seem shameful to some. This guilt and shame often puts pregnant mothers in a dilemma, especially if they are denied abortion. 


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I personally made each and every decision on two bases, first is the religion and second is the science. Religion Islam is strongly against to abortions because it is killing of a life and the killing of a single human is the killing of humanity in I...
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Abortion is a topic that has so many sentimental values attached to it. I agree for many abortions may be a social taboo. However, whenever, the medical need of the clinical case warrants abortion, then it should be followed. Definitely, due to socia...
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