NHS England sending anorexic patients to Scotland for treatment

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15 Dec 2016 - General

When adolescents are far from the comfort of home receiving treatment, they may face deep anxiety while doing so. There is also a lack of support from friends and family who are unable to travel down frequently to visit them simply because the travel time is too long. Moreover, subsequent to treatment, going back home or going to another facility in another country upon discharge, could be extremely hard to adapt to. I hope that the UK will be able to establish mental health clinics for the adolescents by the stipulated year. 


Here is the article from Guardian for reference:

Tahira Nawaz Yes indeed. This will come in years to come, but hopefully the system then will be well-implemented. Adapting to new environments and even different physicians and staff is dif...
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It is the best advice I think for the UK to develop its own mental health hospitals to help the poor mental patients. It is really very tough to go abroad and get treatment and come back after recovery. There is a completely new environment for patie...
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