Respect for the Dead

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15 Dec 2016 - General

In Singapore, our cadavers are donated by honourable members of the public who wish to contribute to the eudcation of medical professionals. As a form of appreciation and respect, some medical schools hold a event to commemorate our silent mentors. The term 'silent mentors' is used as it recognises the contributions that these individuals have done to further the anatomical studies of our medical students. Medical students are also given lectures on how to treat the silent mentors with care and respect. This was not done in the past but recently implemented. What are your views on respect for the dead? Also, in the future, cadavers may be replaced by realistic dummies and may become obsolete, what are your views on that?

That is very nice approach to hold these teaching sessions about treating these” silent mentors”. Our medical school didn’t organize similar lectures although our professors used to start with a brief talk about it before starting the main session. Generally in our culture, cadavers have great respect. A cadaver must be buried intact as its last condition unless there is a real big necessity like teaching future doctors. There is a recent good trend to shift gradually towards plastic models and ...
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