Is your income linked to your stress?

Is your income linked to your stress?

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Having a higher income may lower your stress levels and even help you live longer, a new paper suggests. But living in poverty might lead to premature death.
16 Dec 2016 - General
Healthcare professionals are always perceived as one of the elites of any society. Most of the public believe that HCPs in general and doctors especially receive very high salaries. Unfortunately, not all of them realize the stress and suffering this job takes. I have to agree that how much a person takes is necessarily linked to the stress they face either to get the job or to do the job and maintain the quality with taking full responsibility of the consequences. Healthcare professionals go th...
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There are two aspects to health: mental and physical. The article mentioned about obesity being higher in rate in the lower income population. This could be expected of that in USA where healthier food options are more costly than canned foods and fast food options. Then again, to establish any causality might be a form of gross overgeneralisation. We should ponder upon this trend and perhaps find ways to assist the lower income population by addressing their reasons for stress. But then again s...
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