Ever wondered what 100 calories of food looks like?

Ever wondered what 100 calories of food looks like?

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We all know we need to watch the number of calories we take in, but most of us can visualise the term only in numbers. What do 100 calories of healthy food look like?
16 Dec 2016 - General
This is a great article and it is a reminder of what an appropriate serving size should be. Most restaurants do not serve the right serving size which contributes to the global epidemic in obesity. Personally I used this calorie counter app and i am ...
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It is very useful article especially for those who want to lose or maintain weight. For such individuals, it is helpful to assess how much quantity of particular food item will make 100 calories to meet daily caloric intake. 100 raspberries, 5 pieces...
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This is an interesting post. Recently watched a video by ASAPScience on Youtube that did something similar to this. I do not personally count the amount of calories I take in, but I suppose the nutritional value of food outweighs the amount of calori...
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