Tis the season to reflect: work-life balance, alternatives, and solutions

Tis the season to reflect: work-life balance, alternatives, and solutions

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The holiday season signals a welcome and much-needed respite from the hustle and bustle of working life. As you take the time to unwind, relax and spend time with your loved ones, it is inevitable that you will also think about what lies ahead in the new year. This article seeks to answer three questions on the typical Singapore doctor’s mind about work-life balance, alternatives, and solutions.
16 Dec 2016 - General
In our nature of work, it is really difficult to balance between work, family and personal life. Though this seasons signals us to give more importance with our family and friends, most of us may have difficulties in maintaining the balance. Nonethel...
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The setting of work hours per week is the basic to maintain work life balance. If we maintain a balance between our professional responsibilities and domestic duties than we can have a perfect balanced life. Thank you ...
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Finding work balance is essential to lead a healthy career. Along with focusing on fulfilling our duties, we have to be aware of the long term effects of stress we encounter at workplaces. Feeling the positive impact of what we do on other people can...
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The greatest concern for doctors is that of work-life balance. A simple, but highly relevant metric, is the number of hours spent on work on a weekly basis. During parliamentary debates, the Minister of Health clarified that the working hours for hou...
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