Britain first country to approve 'three-parent' babies

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16 Dec 2016 - General

'Three parent babies' - a baby receiving the nuclear DNA from both its mother and father and mitochondrial DNA from a healthy female donor. This process helps to cure mitochondrial diseases such as diabetes and poor eyesight. A baby in Mexico has been conceived by this method, but Britain is the first country to authorise it. There are some religious bodies that disapprove of this due to human embryos being destroyed, and some who say that this paves the way for 'designer babies' especially with numerous upcoming DNA-altering technologies.

Here's the news article for your perusal:

If there is a way to avoid some diseases, why do we not do it by all means. There can be several ethical issues associated with this new technique. But if it can give birth to a healthy baby I think it should be practiced.. I see this as a great move...
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Although it is a useful invention from the scientifical point of view but it is truly unjustified from a religious point of view. In my views all techniques and inventive methods that involve two parents are alright to have a baby but the involvement...
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