From past to present: Open heart surgeries in Singapore

From past to present: Open heart surgeries in Singapore

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The first open heart surgery in Singapore was performed by the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) in 1965, and since then, progress and advancements in this area have moved forward by leaps and bounds.
17 Dec 2016 - General
Mahmoud AbdelAziz it is a great achievement to be done in pediatrics field.
In our country although we have famous centers and doctors for pediatric cardio thoracic surgerys, we still have a remarkable loss due to congenital heart disease and failure in their treatment.
As mentioned, this surgeries require high cost and special resources because of limited cases appear but it is an important issue to pay ...
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It is great that despite the aging population of Singapore, advancements are still being made in the specialty of pediatric cardio-thoracic surgery. Having fewer patients to work with is challenging because it can be limiting in terms of honing one's surgical skills and technique. It was also mentioned in the article that cost is a factor, this holds true for any center in the world, not just in Singapore. These procedures are highly specialized necessitating a lot of resources, which can be...
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