Mastering the art of empathy benefits both doctors and patients

Mastering the art of empathy benefits both doctors and patients

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Empathy is a concept all doctors are familiar with - this intangible skill of taking the patient’s perspective is vital to quality care, but physicians may have difficulty finding a balance between empathy and clinical distance.
17 Dec 2016 - General
On the other hand, there are students who overinvest themselves into every single patient and often face burnout. The crux here is to balance between the two extremes and find the golden mean - being sufficiently empathetic. This may seem hard for ei...
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In medical school, in fact in the first year or so, there are history taking tutorial sessions for student to learn from. In the beginning few sessions, students are graded on their empathy. This may seem a little rigid, since empathy is not a taught...
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Giving an appropriate expression of empathy is a skill that is developed over time. When I was a medical clerk, I remember some of my classmates would get overly emotional when their patients die, or get fatal complications. This behavior is common a...
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Empathy is very tricky art that cannot be mastered by all, however, if doctors master it, it will have long-term benefits for both patients and doctors. When patients receive empathy from doctors they give very positive outcome and rate their surgery...
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