The very real issues surrounding female patient misdiagnosis

The very real issues surrounding female patient misdiagnosis

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Though it has been acknowledged that there are differences in the symptoms presented in males and females for many medical conditions, females continue to be significantly more misdiagnosed by healthcare professionals. It is imperative to probe into this issue, as the healthcare professional’s awareness of such gender biases inherent in their diagnosis could save a life.
17 Dec 2016 - General
Besides the mentioned cases in the article, I guess there are other cases that we can address. So many females around the world are at risk of misdiagnosing lower back pain and lower abdominal pain due to many factors. Symptoms of acute appendicitis ...
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Regarding heart disease, perhaps there are really more males who have heart disease than females. In our locality, I don't think that this form of gender bias exists based on my observations and clinical experience. Although, it would be interest...
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An awesome article to present the differences in the symptoms of males and females for multiple medical conditions that leads to misdiagnosis of women by the health care professionals. The most misdiagnosed medical conditions are heart diseases, cert...
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