Healthcare professionals: How do you manage interruptions at work?

Healthcare professionals: How do you manage interruptions at work?

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Interruptions and distractions generally refer to anything that can shift an individual’s attention or divert his or her focus from a particular task. In many situations, interruptions and distractions can damage productivity and performance.
18 Dec 2016 - General
Interruptions may be very annoying at times, especially when you want to concentrate on a task at hand and want to get it done immediately. I think letting people know that you shouldn’t be disturbed during these times (unless there is an emergency situation) or limiting interaction time from such disruptions should help. Also, we do have to get used to interruptions as they are inevitable no matter how much we want to limit them. We simply have to have the right attitude in dealing with them. B...
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I manage interruptions at work by doing my best to prevent avoidable interruptions. Based on my experience, the common interruptions are clarifications regarding chart orders, necessary paperwork for nurses to carry out my orders, dressing changes and the like. I try and do my best to discuss my orders with the nurse in charge and I always clarify potention points of misunderstanding. I also ask if there are other paperworks that I need to do before I leave the station. I keep all of these in mi...
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Mahmoud AbdelAziz as you said interruptions during work are very bothering and as Kathleen Peralta said if you are physically not well this also considered interruption.
You can mange the physical interruptions by having an adequate and normal life style, keeping you self well hydrated with regular exercise and having normal s...
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Aside from external distractions/ interruptions, feeling ill or being emotionally unstable can cause distractions as well which could affect your performance at work. Few days ago, I had this headache whilst working in the renal unit. I don't normally get headaches and I didn't feel like eating on my lunchbreak which is very unusual. I took a couple of Paracetamols and carried on with my duties. The Paracetamol didn't take effect and time came when I had to assist patients in taking ...
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Healthcare field deals with precious human lives. It always requires full concentration to fulfill our duties as perfectly as possible. Interruptions can be really bothering for many healthcare workers especially if working in a critical specialty. In my opinion, staying calm and holding your temper is extremely essential in these situations. Have a deep breath then estimate the interruption whether it is more important than the current task you are doing or not. Upon this estimation, you can de...
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