PH: DOH supports cycling for diabetes prevention, management

PH: DOH supports cycling for diabetes prevention, management

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Veteran and newbie cyclists from both public and private cycling organizations joined a ‘bike-cade’ in Cagayan Valley region in hopes of raising awareness of and combating diabetes.
18 Dec 2016 - General
I agree with what Priscilla Mae Gobuyan stated. Later this year, what i have observed the government is really supportive with this kind of activity. In our region, they even give bikers a way where they can safely use when they will pass a certain place. And some places are doing "bike fun run" or "bike events" to combat different illness. A good way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to enc...
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In the last year, cycling became more popular than it was before. I even read that a diabetic cyclist's group was formed. I think this is very helpful because cycling is a healthier way of coping with stress- instead of overeating. Aside from optimizing glycemic control, cycling is also a way of controlling modifiable risk factors for the development of heart disease among diabetics. I hope that this program will flourish, and similar activities can also be promoted for diabetics who belong ...
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