'Very Dangerous' Powdered Gloves Banned for Doctors

'Very Dangerous' Powdered Gloves Banned for Doctors

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At your next doctor's exam, one thing will be certain: Your physician won't be using powdered medical gloves.
18 Dec 2016 - General
I agree with Theekshana Abayawickrama that it would be better to find an alternative powder that does not cause adverse effects to patients. It would be really inconvenient to struggle trying to wear gloves, especially during emergency cases when time is of the essence and a patient has to be examined or a procedure has to be done quickly. Also, like ...
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I agree with you Sanjiv Kunnatur that the financial difference will be significant besides the fact that many companies will benefit from this move. However, it is proven that the powder used in these gloves causes many problems so often. Many surgeons and other healthcare professionals already suffer from skin allergy to this powder. Many surgeons have also reported increased rate of adhesions in the wounds when...
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