Filipina nurse killed a pensioner by giving him wrong blood

Filipina nurse killed a pensioner by giving him wrong blood

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Lea Ledesma, 48, gave Ali Huseyin, 76, AB-type blood meant for Irfan Hussain, 37, who was blood group O, at London Heart Hospital in Marylebone.
18 Dec 2016 - General
Marinelle Castro Kathleen Peralta I completely agree. There was no reason for them to mention the nationality of the nurse. And the other thing that I am curious about is, how come a blood group incompatibility give the patient a fatal 'heart attack'.?? Anyway this proves that however good we do, the world is looking at us...
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Like you, Marinelle Castro Theekshana Abayawickrama I'm not happy with how it was titled. And yes, I don't understand why the nationality has to be given emphasis. There are other nationalities who would have committed mistakes as well which we don't know of. The terms used in this article seems harsh, I wonder if it wa...
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Theekshana Abayawickrama I felt the same way when I saw the headline on the mims community page. To make it worse, our nationality was included and I am not sure why it should bear any significance to the incident. I don't think that the gravity of the mistake will lessen if an English nurse committed the same mistake. I share the same opinion that being "labelled" as a killer is harsh and political...
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Kathleen Peralta I agree that we have to know our limits, and as healthcare providers we should priority the safety of our patient over anything else. Based on the details that were given in the article, if she trully skipped the standard procedure of patient identification, then she really deserves to be professionally reprimanded. Although the term "manslaughter" is something that I do not agree with...
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