How Britain plans to lead the global science race to treat dementia

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18 Dec 2016 - General

Dementia is unlike that of cholesterol buildup in blood vessels. Cholesterol can be measured using blood tests, and can be targeted by statins. However, the beta amyloid proteins involved in the causation of dementia cannot be measured, and drugs associated with treating dementia do not prove much use. Britain plans to research into diagnostic and therapeutic areas for dementia, and also focus on care for dementia patients, environmental factors and immunology.


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We can consider dementia is a global problem and around 50 million people suffering with dementia and moreover the number of cases raising year by year. Many inventions are carrying in all over world for an effective study. Some drugs are at phase II...
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Yes that is correct. For many other diseases that are prevalent in the present society, we have markers that can very accurately predict the extent of the disease and to monitor the progression and response to treatment. The main problem with dementi...
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