11 healthy diet habits debunked

11 healthy diet habits debunked

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Living by the well-known health rules often promise to reward us with extra years, and so many of us go on a health pilgrimage vigilantly counting each calorie we eat, keeping our bottles filled and plates green, and completing it with weekly cleansing rituals.
19 Dec 2016 - General
Popping multivitamins daily is not correct. Most foods must be cooked which destroys the vitamins and minerals in the process. If the food is consumed raw there is danger lurking of gastrointestinal diseases like diarrhoea and dysentery if the food is unhealthy. Hence multivitamins supplements become necessary in certain situations. Although the eggs consumption lower the HDL, it is the HDL/LDL ratio which matters more than low HDL alone and eggs definitely increase the LDL and VLDL components...
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Lianne Marie Victoria Laruan a balanced diet gives a fruitful results and every health practice have both ends. Water, the fluid which base for all our human body and should take as much as water that we can. One should not encourage bottled contents and false claiming products and we should educate patients in this regard as said by ...
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Madhubabu kaaja thank you for sharing this article to be discussed, every single tip really matters and add a value.
This article falsified many commercials populated by companies just aim to sell their products.
First time to hear about plastic bottles and more hydration side effects, I'm always concerned about dehaydration and thought that water is the solution for many daily aches, didn't think ...
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