Doctors vs the Internet: Friends or foes?

Doctors vs the Internet: Friends or foes?

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The internet is responsible for the increased ability of individuals to seek knowledge. It aids research and propels the development of medical science. But the internet is not an entirely friendly zone for medical practice, which is dependent on the patient’s conformity to medical advice.
19 Dec 2016 - General
A friend's mother was really worried about the lump in her breast, and searched online for the possible implications before consulting a physician. Without even going for imaging tests, she jumped to conclusions based on information obtained online, that her breast lump might be malignant. My friend who had no access to any professional help then (we did not know each other yet), was worried sick by the information that his mother had searched up via Dr Google. They went for the imaging test...
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I am actually guilty of this Mahmoud AbdelAziz . I am one of those people who tend to search in the internet first prior seeking help from the doctor. For me, it doesn't give me any anxiety. Why? Because i am more at ease and untroubled. May be for some, it may be bothering for they don't understand what they can read from the internet. Besides, i am not encouraging my family to use internet to look for t...
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