Teaching medical students of the future: High-tech is the way to go

Teaching medical students of the future: High-tech is the way to go

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Call them Generation Y, millennials, or the internet generation if you will – the new generation of medical students are digitally native, which means traditional textbooks and lectures need a reform for more effective teaching in a fast-paced tech-savvy world.
19 Dec 2016 - General
Today’s generation of students are very apt with the use of technology. Thus, they require different teaching tools and newer methods of learning that can keep pace with their technologically-savvy nature. Academicians and professors should them adju...
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If beating the latest technology will encounter a real struggle, then it is better to join them and experience how technology can enhance the learning of the new generation. Medical virtual reality will surely help both instructors and medical studen...
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Snapchat is indeed popular within the younger generations today. It is in almost all the phones of my students, and an app that they open regularly to view their friend's stories. Watching snaps on surgery seems like an interesting concept, thoug...
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2016 has been a significant year for high tech teaching methods. For instance, medical virtual reality and augmented reality are real game changers. Virtual reality could elevate the teaching and learning experience in medicine to a whole new level. ...
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