Why are long-time retail pharmacists so rare?

Why are long-time retail pharmacists so rare?

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Considering the fixed hours, the attractive salary and the relatively manageable workload of retail pharmacy, it is perhaps worth investigating the reason why retail pharmacists tend to not stay long in such a workplace in Singapore.
19 Dec 2016 - General
Lianne Marie Victoria Laruan Our Asian countries pharmacists role in dispensing is not fully functionalized and limited to dispensing of prescription medicine only. Clinical responsibilities...
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“ customers can be led to think that pharmacists are anything ranging from receptionists to security guards” and add to this, cashiers and salesladies. Pharmacists in the retail field are often undervalued, plus their roles in retail do not frequ...
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Considering the settled hours, the appealing pay and the generally sensible workload of retail drug store, it is maybe worth exploring the motivation behind why drug specialists have a tendency to not remain long in such a work environment in Singapo...
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