Chemical traces on your phone reveal your lifestyle, scientists say

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19 Dec 2016 - General

This could be helpful to healthcare professionals as well especially in checking compliance of patients, or maybe even determining the cause behind a patient's illness. It may be less hlepful in terms of forensic science however, because merely knowing such minute details will probably not enable us to gain any valuable information on the deceased or the suspect. Perhaps it may serve only useful when the case is at a stalemate. Yet, I must say that this is an interesting thought, and was probably conceived from the fact that our phones are always close by throughout our daily lives and we would indefinitely have left some 'incriminative' evidence on it.



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I consider it as discriminating than other techniques as 69% of matching phone tests with respect to physiological systems and more over the number is quite acceptable to consider in my view. This can be more improved by using science and with improv...
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Remind me of the series of detective stories of Sherlock Holmes. There were so many cases that he solved by identifying the traces of elements on surfaces. If someone does an chemical analysis of my phone dust I'm sure they are going to find a lo...
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