Sleep may help reduce PTSD symptoms

Sleep may help reduce PTSD symptoms

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People with PTSD can be troubled with flashbacks, anxiety, and other symptoms for a long time after an event, but sleep may help to reduce the effects.
20 Dec 2016 - General
It seems that the ability to cope with a traumatic disorder can be related to a person's capability to relax immediately following a stressful situation. I believe that sleep is an integral part as it causes relaxation, especially for our mental ...
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Post traumatic stress is oriented stress with a terrifying event. Traumatic events includes road accidents, physical attack, sexual harassments etc. Psychological therapy and therapy with medicines available for treatment of PTSD. It is helpful that ...
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I don't know how those patients who had gone with traumatic event cope with their situation. Just imagining if i were the one in their situation, i guess it would be really hard for me to have a rest or sleep. However, it is good to know that thi...
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A new research has found that sleeping in the first 24 hours after the traumatic event is helpful in processing the memory effectively, therefore, providing a symptomatic relief from post-traumatic stress. Sleeping can lower the chances of flashback ...
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