Doctors: medical negligence and how to avoid it

Doctors: medical negligence and how to avoid it

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Briefly, medical negligence is concerned with the law of torts, specifically the tort of negligence which is a cause of action for most patients against their doctors. An active lawsuit is a source of great financial and emotional stress to a doctor, thus there is great interest in the prevention of such lawsuits.
20 Dec 2016 - General
I think that the best way to prevent litigation is to document every encounter with patients and relatives. Although it takes an extra effort to write down details of the visit, I think that this maneuver is worth doing. In the institution where I...
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Medical negligence and malpractice are not the same. Medical negligence is the lack of action by a medical professional, often without intent. Negligence can be done either with or without intent and medical malpractice is done with intent to harm. T...
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