Don't ignore a painful shoulder

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20 Dec 2016 - General

This article illustrated a few cases of upper limb injury, and the author Dr Tan Chyn Hong also enunciates on the importance of not ignoring any shoulder pain. In fact, in National Service in Singapore, there are many recruits who suffer from upper limb injuries but are not aware of it, or ignore the pain. I heard of a friend's son who felt extreme pain while carrying a field pack, but persevered on through his outdoor field camp experience. He only saw a doctor after field camp, only to realise that his condition was quite severe.

It is true that shoulder problems should not be ignored as shoulder joint is one of the most mobile joints in the body. Thus, it is prone to overuse. As a general rule, a shoulder pathology is caused by more than one etiology (i.e. supraspinatus tend...
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As per my understanding with the subject, joint pains are unbearable sometimes and we can not mova also some time which are may due to disease of joints like osteoarthritis , or soft tissues inflammations or injuries. Shoulder pain can be a result of...
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