HIV Infection And AIDS Is Growing, But So Too Is Public Apathy

HIV Infection And AIDS Is Growing, But So Too Is Public Apathy

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World Aids Day is dedicated to raising awareness of the disease caused by the spread of HIV. Since it was launched, a tremendous amount of progress has been made in reducing the stigma, still faced
20 Dec 2016 - General
There are still many misconceptions about AIDS. Generally, any sexually transmitted illness (STIs) are frowned upon in Asian societies. STIs are associated with promiscuous lifestyles, and are even considered shameful. Some individuals do not tell their families of their condition for fear of 'tarnishing their family's name'. There is little social rapport for these individuals, even from their loved ones. Due to embarrassment, some may even not seek treatment and hope to keep their ...
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Theekshana Abayawickrama Jemelyn Mae SodustaMahmoud AbdelAziz Marinelle Castro The consequences of stigma and discrimination are wide-ranging. Some people are shunne...
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Social prejudice and social stigma against individuals who have AIDS still exists in our region. Perhaps, this is because of our conservative culture, wherein acquiring AIDS is literally interpreted as being someone who engages in sexual promiscuity. Although homosexual relationships have increased in number, this is still not well accepted in the country. Some even think that acquiring AIDS is bad luck or "karma" for engaging in such. For this reason, infected patients hesitate to get...
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Worldwide, 35 million people live with the virus, which is nearly the population of California in the US. A lot still needs to be done to control the disease despite the major awareness campaigns running all over the world. Some people started actually to underestimate the disease after the introduction of new drugs and screening methods. This behaviour is extremely alarming that may contribute more to the surging numbers of HIV positive people around the world and hampering the international pl...
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