Healthcare on the shop floor – the retail pharmacist

Healthcare on the shop floor – the retail pharmacist

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Retail pharmacy may be an area that many healthcare professionals have little understanding of. Many pharmacy graduates are also reluctant to embark upon this path, because of a perceived dilution of the emphasis on healthcare in everyday practice and increased concern about sales. As healthcare professionals that walk the thinnest line between the demands of customer service, retail considerations, and the ethics of healthcare practice, retail pharmacists occupy a unique position in the healthcare sector.
21 Dec 2016 - General
Ahh. I think the load of increasing the sales is high on the pharmacist and they try many different techniques for that like collaboration with the local doctor and other techniques. However, when it comes to healthcare, I believe the health of the patient comes first and the pharmacist should not refrain from performing his duties in an ethical way. Nowadays, pharmacy stores are opened by big businesses and they employ several techniques of marketing. There are 24 hour pharmacy shops, shops at ...
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