Time to take depression in medical students seriously

Time to take depression in medical students seriously

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A study sheds new light that depression among medical students is a worldwide problem, and being in a position to seek medical help paradoxically reduces such behaviour – is it time to re-examine the way medical training is conducted?
21 Dec 2016 - General
It is nice that articles and studies like the one mentioned in this post highlight the widespread problem of depression. The occurrence of depressive disorders among medical students are high in India also. Moreover, the suicidal rates among the medical students are also increasing at an alarming rate. I believe that the curriculum load should be decreased and also counselling should be offered in universities. The teachers can be the best counsellors to solve the problem of students. Also, if t...
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Due to the intense competition within medical school, the heavy workload and lack of time for leisure, some individuals may fall prey to depression. The issue here is that some may not seek help due to the stigma associated with seeking psychological help, and also since doctors must be able to be emotionally strong and stable at all times. However, if anyone spots a counterpart who may be suffering from depression, we should coax them into seeing a professional about it. Only by admitting to de...
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The article illustrates well the impact school environment and the extent of the problem at the same time tries to find some solutions. We have to admit firstly that depression among medical students is a real problem. Unfortunately, some professors and university staff undervalue the suffering of students. Almost the majority of us show to variable levels of depression symptoms. Furthermore, it leads to suicidal thoughts so often. I have a personal experience with depression due to feeling help...
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