The gap between patient experiences and good healthcare

The gap between patient experiences and good healthcare

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One of the challenges faced by clinicians lies in the faults placed on them when patients are dissatisfied with their experiences in healthcare, but do patients’ experiences link to the quality of healthcare?
21 Dec 2016 - General
unpleasant hospital experience can be even harmful for the patients. It can even impair the willingness to seek medical help. I just have this type of experience in my family. My mother had gotten cancer. However she insisted not going to the hospital to receive any treatment. It was due to her past traumatic experience in hospitals. Lucky I have found a suitable hospital fr her. The doctos and nurses there were so compassionate and skillful. At the end my mom became very happy and willing to un...
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I agree that shared decision making is the best way to reconcile dissatisfaction of patients and a clinician's responsibilities. I remember an inpatient who was using weak opioids prn for about 5 consecutive days. The consultant and I decided to taper the medication because she seems to be depending on it for mild pain. At first, patient was adamant because she claimed that she needed. As soon as we explained the situation that she might become addicted to the medication, she immediately ag...
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In my opinion, Good or positive feedback isn’t the best way to encourage or improve the persons' skills and negative feedback isn’t actually all that bad. As long as the feedback is specific or straight to the point, this will encourage the person or team in that institution to improve their skills and expertise. Without these quality feedback, team members aren’t in sync and aren’t performing at their best. Honest, actionable, and timely feedback is the only way to go if you want to drive o...
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