How do you handle a racist patient?

How do you handle a racist patient?

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Racism is an issue in the medical field that is constantly present, yet rarely spoken about. More awareness needs to be raised to lessen cases of discrimination against physicians.
22 Dec 2016 - General
Racism can be a serious issue in the medical field and handling a racist patient can be a difficult job for the doctor and the other healthcare staff. Many ideas and techniques are presented in this article will be quite helpful. However, the best way to tackle the racist patient can be avoiding the comments and not paying importance to the opinions in the initial stage and at a later stage, the patient can be clearly told that the hospital or the clinic believes in treatment all the races equal...
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There is a plague of racism going on nowadays around the world. The same Delta Airlines has kicked out a Muslim American man from a flight yesterday after other passengers' complaint because he spoke Arabic with his mum over the phone. Being a doctor, I expect to meet all kinds of educated and uneducated people. The racial hatred is part of our daily life that shouldn’t stop us from doing our job and our humanitarian duty of treating all kinds of people even if they shows hatred to your lan...
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