Lidocaine cream helps relieve vaccination pain in infants

Lidocaine cream helps relieve vaccination pain in infants

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Topical lidocaine cream, in combination with oral sucrose and infant soothing, can help reduce pain in infants undergoing vaccinations, a recent study showed.
22 Dec 2016 - General
As we have discussed here before, vaccination shots may be a painful experience for many children. Some vaccinations result in fever and painful reactions for few days following the vaccine. In these cases, oral analgesic may be needed. About the nee...
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Vaccination can be quite painful for infants and anaesthetic agents like lidocaine gel or spray can be used to relieve the pain and make the entire process painless and comfortable for children. In dentistry also, we use lidocaine gel or even sprays ...
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Vaccination is vital for infants and it is associated with acute distress from the pain of vaccine to both infants and their parents. I have shared an article about the use of pain relieving creams for the vaccination distress but new research has fo...
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