Watson: Transforming healthcare with Artificial Intelligence

Watson: Transforming healthcare with Artificial Intelligence

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Developed by IBM, the supercomputer known as Watson holds the ability to filter through and analyse the explosion of healthcare information to make faster and more accurate diagnoses.
22 Dec 2016 - General
Tahira Nawaz thank you for sharing this article to be discussed, it is my first time to hear about Watson and it seems perfect and will make a big movement and achievement in the healthcare...
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Watson is a inadventible creation in the age of big data. If given adequate data, it would be able to make the best diagnosis and provide the best management( by knowing the outcomes from individual therapies that are use) But it would most likely to...
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Artificial intelligence can be used for diagnosis, treatment and various other purposes in the field of healthcare. I think the healthcare sector will be revolutionised by the use of this technology. In dentistry, artificial intelligence can also be ...
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The introduction of super-computing powers to health care settings is a revolutionary and innovative breakthrough that will help the patients for detection, diagnosis and prediction of illnesses in more accurate way. So treatment based on accurate di...
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