The Christmastime suicide: Myth or fact?

The Christmastime suicide: Myth or fact?

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The Christmastime suicide is a long standing myth that the extra stress during Christmas day can lead to suicidal thoughts and peak the rate of suicides. But new findings indicate this might not be true.
22 Dec 2016 - General
Actually, there have been some studies into this issue. Contrary to popular belief, the suicide rate peaks in the springtime, not the wintertime. This is probably because the rebirth that marks springtime accentuates feelings of hopelessness in those already suffering with it. In contrast, around Christmas time most people with suicidal thoughts are offered some degree of protection by the proximity of their relatives. Perhaps this myth continues to exist to urge people to come more together dur...
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Mahmoud AbdelAziz
Being loved and get the attention and care of people around you and express your feelings to special ones is the key for relieved mental health and be normally active to live your life.
Ignorance and loneliness are the main reasons for destructive thoughts.
In many religions, there are many advices concerning visiting each other and face the bad attitude with good reaction to mainta...
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