Ransomware: growing threat to healthcare institutions

Ransomware: growing threat to healthcare institutions

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In February 2016, the electronic medical records and other computer systems in the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center was locked down and held hostage by a crypto-ransomware. After 10 days, the hospital paid the ransom of 40 bitcoins, approximately USD$17,000, for the hackers to restore their systems. In May, Kansas Heart Hospital was hit by a ransomware attack. However, after paying the first ransom, the hackers only restored part of the systems and demanded a second ransom for full restoration.
23 Dec 2016 - General
Mahmoud AbdelAziz it is important to find a fast and secure way to keep the database of hospitals and research centers as they contain very important and sensitive information.
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Due to advancements in field of health technology, many new systems like EHR are been widely used in hospitals these days. The data is getting on cloud and many promises are made initially for the security of the healthcare data. However, every now a...
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Healthcare institutions have an urging responsibility to ensure their Cyber security. With ransomware, there’s more at risk than just money. Patient safety, reputation and the rising costs of potential fines are pushing health care organizations to t...
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