The soft skills of medicine can be found in an art gallery

The soft skills of medicine can be found in an art gallery

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Can visiting an art gallery teach medical students the soft skills of being a doctor? Medical education is gradually moving towards engaging students with various forms of art as a means to teach something beyond the reach of textbooks.
23 Dec 2016 - General
In medical school, we are encouraged to participate in projects that demonstrate creative and artistic capabilities. Some of these are used in conjunction with medicine, while others are stand-alone as art. Like what the Indian students did about tab...
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Artistic hand is important for all types of professions. It is good to visit the art museum for medical students to get medical training. It is good for students to actively participate in discussions about art displays and reflect interpretations ba...
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It is definitely an interesting topic. I don't have an idea about other fields, but definitely artistic hand is required in dentistry. The soft skills of becoming a dentist can be learnt from an art gallery. The ideas and concept mentioned in thi...
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This topic was discussed on the community yesterday. Art can help medical students and the future doctors to appreciate the details and develop sophisticated analytical skills. The article provides very interesting examples of honing different soft s...
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