Play therapy is crucial for chronically ill kids

Play therapy is crucial for chronically ill kids

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Kythe Foundation, Inc. advocates for the Child Life Program which highlights the importance of play therapy in children that are chronically ill.
23 Dec 2016 - General
I admire what Kythe Foundation has been doing and I have witnessed heir advocacy during my internship as a medical technologist a few years ago. They had plenty of volunteers who visited cancer wards in the institute where I had my internship at, and they also had play programs with them. I agree that play therapy is important for so psychosocial well-being of children and it gives them the motivation to comply with medical treatment. Personally, I use play whenever I do assessments for pediatri...
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Heena Pohani I think you have seen movie Taare Zameen Par, where boy not interested in school encouraged by his teacher then who did wonders. I just recollected movie from your reply. In contrast to children behaviours play therapy is an essential way to minimise irregular behaviours. This age guys are lacking physical games and are spending with digital gadgets and social networks. Time has changed. Thanking for...
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