2016 MIMS Philippines Career Survey

2016 MIMS Philippines Career Survey

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The 2016 MIMS Career Survey illuminates the pressing issues Filipino healthcare professionals are facing.
23 Dec 2016 - General
While I agree that a lot of healthcare professionals stay in their profession because of the prestige and non-financial related rewards, I also think that it is impractical to shift professions after practicing for so many years as a healthcare profe...
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It is not a simple task to conduct national health care professionals view on their job. It is pretty good to see Philippines healthcare sector infographic of 2016. Jemar Nicdao did a beaut...
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Being in the healthcare member, it is already given as a prestige profession. No wonder despite of the downfalls we still remain in the profession. Though the percentage is somewhat equal to those who are satisfied and neutral, there are also a littl...
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