How workplace design can influence the nurse’s morale

How workplace design can influence the nurse’s morale

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he issue of stress and burnout are not new in the field of nursing and healthcare. However, these conditions have often been associated with workload, work interaction and long working hours. Findings from a research project that explored elements of the physical environment which affect nurses in their daily tasks have shown that workplace design also matters in improving attraction and retention of nurses in the workplace [1].
23 Dec 2016 - General
I agree that happy and relaxed workers tend to be more creative, focused and generally more productive at work. If employees like where they work they will be more likely to work overtime when needed without complaining, whereas if they feel stressed...
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I agree that workplace design matters is boosting the work attitude, not only of nurses, but of other healthcare professionals as well. Having an ergonomically designed work atmosphere makes work more efficient, which motivates people to become more ...
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Workplace design has great influence on nursing morale as elements of physical environment. A good and efficient workplace environment and design is important to ensure the efficacy of workflow processes. The most important aspect of the workplace de...
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Workplace can greatly effect not only for nurses but also for all fields. Creating a pleasant workplace does not depend solely on having a superior design in place. However, if this is a factor that has been shown to have a profound impact on the mor...
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