Overseas Community Involvement Programmes in Medical School Part 8

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23 Dec 2016 - General

Feel free to share your opinions on OCIPs: Have you been on an OCIP before? Are Overseas Community Involvement Programmes just voluntourism or are students really making a big change? How else could students help the communities? Should students only volunteer when they are certified doctors, so as to make a greater impact? What skills should students be equipped with before embarking on these trips?

I wouldn’t dissuade students from organsing these events, but I would encourage them to organize events in a more mindful manner. They should also be mindful that there are many areas in their own country where they can perform this CIP. Although I h...
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Shunjie Chua Thank you for your suggestions. I see, then would you dissuade students from organising such programmes? It's interesting to hear that you've been a part of numerous ...
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Chih Chiang Nieh Thanks for sharing the series on overseas community involvement programs. I personally feel that you could have combined a few of the posts into a single post. This will m...
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