Dr. Mom: How do female doctors balance family during holidays?

Dr. Mom: How do female doctors balance family during holidays?

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To help get into the festive spirit, MNT have spoken with two female physicians about the challenges and rewards of working during the holidays.
23 Dec 2016 - General
Theekshana Abayawickrama women being healthcare professional has double duty to support both family and profession. I appreciate the mothers who are healthcare professionals as well. Thank y...
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I have friends who are both mothers and doctors and based on what I have gathered from them, having an understanding husband or partner, is crucial to balancing the profession and family life. This is especially true for resident trainees who do not ...
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Being a doctor is particularly challenging for women, because they have so many things to be worried about. Work, children, husband, other family members. It is a very tough task to balance all of these things at once. The vacation times can be extra...
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It is very difficult for Doctors who are mother to manage holidays and balance the family and profession. As Christmas holidays and winter vocations are very near so it is a time for mothers to set a plan and manage the time where neither family is c...
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