Social lives, genes, and our health

Social lives, genes, and our health

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Having a sense of meaning in life can protect against chronic disease—but those who lack social connection are more prone to ill health. We talk with Steve Cole about social genomics.
24 Dec 2016 - General
Afaque Ali
Happiness is the key to solve many physical aches we may experience through our life.
Being negative and depressed not just affect you physical health but also others su...
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There is no question that living a happy life is the main source of a healthy body. Lets just live our lives with a happy heart. Stress should not be entertained. Having positive attitude towards life, this will strengthen our physical and emotional...
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Definitely, a key to a healthy life is staying happy and having a positive attitude towards life. It can get quite challenging to stay positive in a world where people are trying to radiate negativity in your life. I'm sure we know one or two per...
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