Facebook lurking makes you miserable, says study - BBC News

Facebook lurking makes you miserable, says study - BBC News

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Spending too long on social media is likely to cause envy and dissatisfaction, suggests a study.
24 Dec 2016 - General
ah social media lurking. I would usually term this as "trolling" but lurking works just as well. Definitely what is posted on social is a unrealistic comparison. People just post the pretty part of their lives. They show small glimpses of s...
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Marinelle Castro
I totally believe that everything in this life is a double edged weapon having its good and bad impacts.
Social media is for sure a great way to connect the whole ...
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I find that it's a great waste of time to scroll through social media sometimes, it is entertaining to see a cute video your friend just shared, but often we get addicted to just scrolling aimlessly page after page. Feelings of envy are inevitabl...
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This is the reason why my significant other kept on influencing me not to be hooked on my social media accounts. Compared to previous years, i am really hooked into this social sites. I can see how this act changes me in managing my time with faceboo...
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Few of my friends already shared that using Facebook lowered their self esteem so they don't go on Facebook as often as they used to be. I couldn't agree more to this study and I myself had deactivated my social media accounts for awhile just...
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I've read several studies linking negative emotions and social media. I think that people should sensibly use Facebook, or other similar social sites to prevent feeling envious about other people's lives. People must also realize that spendin...
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