Top 8 bizarre medical stories of 2016

Top 8 bizarre medical stories of 2016

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Rare medical cases can have major implications on the sufferer’s way of life and depending on the condition may not be noticeable to others at first glance.
24 Dec 2016 - General
I remember reading about the 14 year old who was cryogenically frozen and find it very sad that this kind of false hope was given to her. It is understandable that someone so young would hang onto her dear life with hopes to wake up in the future hea...
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Tahira Nawaz
I could now imagine how these people survive such situations full of many mixed feelings and pain.
Although not everyone has the ability to survive such a life but I&#...
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Amazing. All in one article. Indeed all of it are very uncommon or unusual in the medical history. It is really unknown for the case the child who undergone cryogenic preservation. We can't really tell what will happen in the future. If she will ...
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It is an interesting topic that is illustrating the top bizarre medical conditions of this year. Harlequin ichthyosis is congenital disorder that covers the whole body of infants. I am thinking how the women with 6000 tumors was surviving as tumors w...
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