Small moments have a big impact on patients' lives

Small moments have a big impact on patients' lives

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As a doctor, I've learned that it's not just the momentous interventions that affect my patients.
24 Dec 2016 - General
Death and loss can be managed to ensure that the patient is able to make full use of their time left, as mentioned before in one of the articles posted here on MIMS. It is difficult to tell patients the truth, but it also enables some of them to set ...
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Awww. Such an inspiring blog. Doctors encounter different kinds of patients in a day and all of them had their own story. This blog is about 2 patients who suffered from impending death and loss. This is really hard for doctors especially when talkin...
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These are indeed touching stories. From my personal point of view, even though we as health professionals may feel that the time that we spend might be really short. At times, these short periods of time if spent well, can really impact the experienc...
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