These doctors were shamed and bullied for being sick

These doctors were shamed and bullied for being sick

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Doctors come forward to talk about the awful way they were treated while ill.
24 Dec 2016 - General
Shunjie Chua Chih Chiang Nieh i don't know how our country manages if medical students are sick. Nevertheless, they shou...
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Chih Chiang Nieh It is true that health professionals are also humans and are infallible. But unlike what you quote, i would reckon that doctors in Singapore should really consider careful...
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I think people often assume that doctors are infallible and should not fall sick, but the truth is that we are also human and as susceptible to any disease as anyone else. This applies for mental disorders as well, and if a doctor may be suffering fr...
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This should not be the case, and I'm quite horrified to hear the severity of some cases. In Singapore, if you're a medical student and you're down with a flu during rotations, you would be sent home immediately. The mentors are afraid tha...
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