FDA suggests limiting lead found in lipstick, shampoo

FDA suggests limiting lead found in lipstick, shampoo

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The Food and Drug Administration issued new draft guidance Thursday suggesting a limit on the amount of lead contained in cosmetics that are marketed in the United States.
25 Dec 2016 - General
I guess all cosmetic products should have a FDA approval first prior dispensing in the market. It should require all cosmetic firms to share a safety data to the agency. It is to ensure the safety of their consumers when their products are being used...
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Tahira Nawaz
Research shows that exposure to some types of lead may cause cancer in humans. However, lead exists in the environment both naturally and because of human activity. Very l...
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As previously discussed in the community cosmetic products are damaging the skin and faces of various patients even in Singapore. There Food and Drug Authority has issued a new draft guidance for cosmetic products by suggesting to limit the use of zi...
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